It was her birthday…. And the night started with a beautiful mass… the homily was about the breaking of the bread: “To be taken, to be blessed, to be broken and to be shared”
I remember awhile back when Inday Ging struggled with the idea of running for mayor… it was not an easy decision. She knew what it would entail so much sacrifice from her and would uproot her from her comfortable and peaceful life.

“The seat of power is not easy” I recall her saying…”It took me awhile to discern what I was being called for”. It was during those days when behind her always youthful smile, I suspected she was going through some kind of battle inside.

Eventually, she realized that being called to this position of authority was a calling she had to say yes to. She know that this was a holy calling, she could not allow her doubts to interfere; because she knew she was being called for a higher purpose. The strength of this woman’s faith is admirable. She knew taking the call that she would be blessed, but she would also be broken in order for her to share her gifts with the people of the San Juan.

Her faith is seated in the love for God, that what she has been called to do, she has chosen to do better in absolute trust in the power and love of God.

Within her is a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless wisdom. History guides her with life-giving messages.  She touches the soul with humble simplicity; she heals. Her story is the journey of the city she serves from her heart. It is destined…. A true servant leader.


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